Maximus Prime 

Max is a 15 year old Paint gelding, who stands 14hh.  Max has shown in Hunters and is well trained. He is great for any rider as he takes care of them while helping to build communication skills and confidence using his own personal techniques. 

Max is currently available for part lease to an advanced rider.  He would like to be a team with someone who has soft hands and who loves to jump!

 Mr. Asymmetric


Ace is a 7 year old spotted draft who currently stands approx. 16.3hh.   Ace started his lesson debut at the age of 5, and is full of charm.  He is a pleasure to work with and surprises us continually.  He is a farm favourite and took some of our riders off property to local fairs for shows.  He will continue his training and is available for a part lease with option to show to the right rider.



Marty is a 27 year old, bay Arabian gelding.  He has been there and done that. Marty belongs to Anika and he is enjoying being semi retired and getting to play games.  He is content just leisurely walking around the arena with his rider, but is more than happy to pick up his pace and jump a course (slight correction ;-) peel around a course)if he is asked.  

Marty took a few of our riders out to their first year of shows and he was fantastic!  With such a wonderful end of season, we have decided to use him only for beginners - he has lots to teach and will do so once a week (side note - we tried to fully retire him and he stopped eating and got really sick...he now works approx 1 day a week to keep him in good spirits)




Merlin is a 14 year old, grey Shetland pony who stands approx 10.3hh.  In the past he has been in a petting zoo, and used for pony rides.  He is doing fantastic and loves when visited and ridden by 'his' little people.  Merlin (as many of you may know) has had some ups and downs with lameness this past year.  He is ready for work and in good shape now!   Merlin is only for beginners now as he is small and prefers playing games and moving at a slower pace.


Tamale is much like Marty - he has been there and done that!  He is a 23 yr old Thoroughbred (which has a few of our littles very excited!!!)  He is semi-retired now and will be putting about in our beginner lessons or strutting his stuff for the more advanced riders. Now our old men need some extra food (they're both hard keepers) and extra love!

Tamale is open for a part lease - he is semi-retired, but I will happily pull him from lessons if we find the right person for him :-)

Coming Soon!

Ellie is a 5 year old Appy cross.   We are not sure what she is crossed with as we adopted her and Luke (see below) this fall from Roy and Cher's Animal Rescue.  Ellie is green broke to ride but a dream to do ground work with.  She is Addison's pony and they have big plans together (not sure if Addison has told Ellie yet)  Ellie will be used in riding lessons once we feel she is ready. 
coming soon!

Luke is a 3 year old QH cross.  He is full of young man personality and shows lots of promise for the future!  He is full of beans and currently unable to be used in lessons.  He will make his lesson debut when he is older and more mature.    We adopted Luke with Ellie this past fall from Roy and Cher's Animal Rescue.  
coming soon!

Tess is an approx 16yr old Arabian.  She is absolutely lovely to handle and has settled in nicely.  She arrived with Luke and Ellie, however is not from the same rescue. 
Tess has been there and done that!  She is now semi-retired and will be used in our beginner lessons.  While she has lots of life and go left in her, she needs to slow down as her body has other ideas. 
pics coming soon!

Scout is a 10 yr old Quarter Horse.  He is very well trained with ground work, and enjoys being ridden.  He is a big of a pokey old man, but when he decides to use his muscle has the most beautiful gates!


Calla is a wonderful Quarter Horse mare.  She is approx 16 yrs old.  She is full of sass (the good kind) and does her best to please her rider.  She is a funny lady who we have all come to adore.


Tallie is approx 19 yrs old.  She is an appy x lac st.croix.   She is a ball of special and while she was doing just fine in riding lessons for a while decided that she was no longer enjoying them.  She has been working with and teaching students all about different kinds of ground work and is loving it!  Maybe she just needed a break ;-)   She is by far a favourite for those that have ever had the opportunity to work with her.

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